About me

A little about who I am

My name is Aaron Wingert.  Born, raised and currently residing in northeast Kansas, I am fortunate to have spent a good amount of my time in the outdoors hunting.  For much of my life my love of the outdoors has paralleled my woodworking hobby.  In 2008, the two came crashing together when, unsatisfied with the workmanship of even the most expensive calls available from large outdoor retailers, I started making turkey calls.  Since then I have hundreds of calls in collections, on lanyards and in and turkey vests throughout most parts of the United States.

Call making is something that I do in my spare time.  Each call I make is custom made for the person that ordered it…I do not have calls in stock and ready to ship.  If you need a new call this week, I’m not your guy.  Wait times for calls is months, not weeks.  My family is my first priority, and therefore I do not go to the shop until my kids are in bed.  If I were able to spend five hours per night in the shop, the wait time would be drastically less, but that’s just not the case. I do not require any deposit or pre-payment for calls before they’re built, and normally contact my customer when their call has been started to get their payment rolling.  Hey, I’m still probably faster than your taxidermist.  When your order goes on my waiting list, rest assured that it will be built in the order that it was placed.  Famous people, guide services and other customers that might often get preferential treatment from callmakers do not get preferential treatment from me…Every order is equally important so nobody cuts in line.  No exceptions, no apologies.

I firmy believe that in order for a call to be truly custom, the buyer must be part of the process.  They must provide input on how the call will look and sound, and I hope that involvement makes my customers truly feel like they have a hand in the process.  I work hard to get my customers their calls within the estimated time frame, and communicate closely with each customer during the process of creating their call.  One of the most enjoyable parts of call making for me is getting to know the people that own my calls.  Nothing is more rewarding than being a small part of their time afield.

I am a proud husband and father to twin four year old boys who are my pride and joy, not to mention a load of work and enjoyment.  I work as a multi-disciplinary building inspector for a large local municipality’s fire department, and have been an inspector since 2001.  I went to college in southeast Kansas at Pittsburg State University and hold a bachelor’s degree in Construction Management.  I truly enjoy hunting turkey and waterfowl, and occasionally manage to sneak a pheasant hunt in.  I am an avid fly fisherman, but I often tell people that Kansas is purgatory for trout fishermen, so my flyfishing endeavors are severly limited to occasional trips to Colorado or southern Missouri.

I have learned much of what I know about callmaking from trial and error.  Every day in the shop is a learning experience and I hope that never changes, as I strive to continually get better at what I do.  I have also learned an incredible amount from my peers in the custom callmaking community, and I try to help other callmakers in the same way.  I have the honor and privilege of serving as a moderator on the THO Game Calls custom callmaking internet forum and have enjoyed forging friendships with countless callmakers across the country.  I pride myself in producing a unique call, not a copy of someone else’s call.  No two calls that I produce are exactly alike….No duplicator machine, no pre-fabricated parts, no computerized machine doing the work.

I don’t have pro-staff.  I don’t advertise much or do sponsorships very often.  I’m too small for that stuff.  The fact that much of my business comes from customer referrals, and the praise of someone that is thrilled with what I made for them is the highest form of validation for me.

Thank you for visiting my site and letting me share a little of my passion for finely crafted calls with you.  Please feel free to contact me at wingertswoodworks@hotmail.com if you have any questions or are interested in having a call made.  Also, check out my Wingert’s Woodworks Custom Game Calls page on Facebook for tons of pictures of recent calls.

Aaron Wingert