• PayPal is my preferred method of payment  (I typically send an invoice by e-mail while the call is being built).  I will never ask for the payment to be sent via "friends/family/gift", as I am running a business and expect to incur the charges associated with processing PayPal and credit card payments.  Be suspicious of anyone selling goods or services that wants the payment sent as a gift, as it affords you no protection or recourse if they don't deliver as expected. 
  • Credit Card is another preferred method of payment (via the PayPal invoice...No PayPal account necessary, just follow the prompts).  I cannot take credit cards over the phone at this time.
  • Personal checks are accepted.  I do not accept non-US checks under any cicrumstances.
  • US Postal Service money order.  I do not accept non-US money orders (including Canadian) under any circumstances.
  • Please do not mail cash. 


Aaron Wingert

Wingert's Woodworks, LLC

Mission, KS



When contacting me by phone, please remember that I work a full-time job Monday through Friday and do not discuss duck calls while at work.  Please do not call until after 5:00pm CST, and please remember that as much as I love talking duck calls, my family is my main priority, so don't be offended if you get my voice mail.  Leave a message and let me know a good time to reach you and I'll call back as soon as I can.  I'm considerably easier to reach by phone on weekends or any day by e-mail. 





My pricing is generally structured, but exact pricing is based on the cost of materials and the difficulty or ease of working with the specific material, finish and customization chosen.  I'll normally give a pretty accurate estimate of the cost when the call is ordered if I have specific details of the call you want.  For example, some of my stabilized burl whistles may vary $5 or more depending on the quality, figure and uniqueness of the particular blank selected. 

Here is a summary of my basic price structure.  Prices do not include shipping, which is currently $7.15 for USPS Priority in the USA.


$55  Common domestic hardwoods such as osage orange (hedge, bois d' arc), mahogany, maple and a few others

$65   Certain nicely figured woods, cocobolo, bocote, Texas ebony, African blackwood, etc.

$70-$75  Certain exotics such as African blackwood, most stabilized woods and burls*. 

$70 translucent acrylics, stock colors

$75 canvas or linen micarta

$80 or more  for multicolor poured acrylic resins such as lava, water mesh, swirls, camo, etc.  Subject to availability.

$20 additional  (and approx. 4-8 weeks lead time after invoice is paid) for laser engraving of names, initials, logo's, etc.  Engraving is done by a third party and I do not control their time frame.

$20 additional for mouth end cap with alternate material (acrylic on a stabilized call, two different woods, etc.

$30 additional for mouth end cap and one accent ring of brass, aluminum or acrylic.  Additional accent rings at $10/each.

$20 additional  for CA (cyanoacrylate) high gloss finish

Kansas residents should expect to pay sales tax in the amount of 9%

Shipping is $7.15, which is my cost for USPS Priority Mail small flat rate box service.  I do not ship parcel post under any circumstances.


*A note about burl availability:  Finding reliable sources for burl has become incredibly challenging, given the ridiculously high prices being charged by a number of vendors (especially on Facebook).  I work very hard to maintain a good selection of burls for my customers to choose from and hope to be able to maintain the $70-$75 price point for stabilized domestic burls.  However, due to the challenges I am encountering in sourcing the high quality burl blanks and the fact that my waiting list is a couple years long, I cannot guarantee the price point of calls made from such blanks. 


You can reach me by phone or e-mail (see below).  Whether you contact me by phone or e-mail, I'll need an idea of how many calls you want and what you'd like it/them made from....Basic wood, exotic wood, burl, certain colors, acrylic or other materials.   You're by no means obligated to make a binding decision at this point though.  I'll contact you a week or two ahead of reaching your spot in line, and we'll firm up all the details at that time based on what you want and what materials are available.  Knowing what you want ahead of time helps ensure that I have it on hand when it is time to build your call.  I do not require or accept deposits.  You'll be waiting quite some time to get a call made....I don't want a dime until your call is just about done.