Duck calls


I can’t just build duck whistles all the time, so an occasional duck call is fun.  I’ve been working diligently to get good sound from my duck calls over the last couple years.  They are still a work in progress, but many satisfied customers are blowing Wingert’s Woodworks single reed duck calls.

My duck calls are made for hunters, not competition callers.  Ducks don’t highball call, nor do they reach the volumes heard on the competition stage.  My calls are made to work ducks.  They are a moderate volume call that works well for most calling styles.  Duck calls are not a one-size-fits-all thing, and the sound one hunter likes may not suit another.  I like to discuss a potential customer’s calling style and expectations to ensure that the call I build for them will meet their expectations and perform the way they want it to.  If I do not feel that what I build will meet my customer’s expectations, I am always happy to refer them to a custom callmaker that I believe can better suit their needs.

All of my duck calls utilize two o-rings for a secure fit.  I prefer an o-ring fit to a friction fit, as the insert is much less likely to fall out and be lost, and it won’t get stuck in the barrel.

Many of my duck calls are finished with CA glue, which is essentially super glue.  Many coats are applied one drop at a time while the call spins on the lathe, and are tediously and meticulously wet-sanded and buffed to a glass-smooth finish.  CA is amongst the most durable clear finishes available, but can get dinged up under normal hunting conditions.  Traditional oil finish is also an option on many woods if you prefer a satin appearance with better long-term durability.  Acrylic and Corian calls are polished to a perfect shine.  I pride myself in flawless finishes and craftsmanship that surpasses that of calls available from big-name callmakers.  The following pictures are just a few of the woods that I can build duck calls from.  Material selection varies, especially with very unique blanks, but I normally keep several nice choices on hand.  Duck calls start at $75 and rarely exceed $100.

Bocote duck call with an oil finish
Osage orange duck call, lightly flamed, with an oil finish
Stabilized black ash burl, insert is sleeved with osage orange, oil finish (black ash burl subject to availability)
Black cherry pearl acrylic with a black acrylic band.  My acrylic selection is pretty limited in duck call sizes, but I always have black and often have bits and pieces of other colors.