Duck whistles

The duck whistles you've heard about!


Every duck hunter should carry a duck whistle. They’re highly effective, greatly underutilized, and mine are very unique. These make a perfect mallard drake call, as well as imitating greenwing teal, pintail and widgeon. When it is late in the season and the ducks have heard everyone north of them highballing at the top of their lungs, they don’t always respond well to calling. The soft “dreeet” of a mallard drake whistle will often get working ducks to commit when nothing else will.

Wingert’s Woodworks duck whistles are the perfect gift for the duck hunter that has everything. Most duck hunters have hundreds of dollars of calls hanging from their neck, and they appreciate the quality and craftsmanship of those calls. But their whistle is usually a cheap imported plastic version that is nothing to be proud of. A high quality whistle made from figured exotic hardwood, acrylic or Corian is something you can hang on your lanyard with pride. There’s nothing to tune with these. No parts to adjust or lose. They are an excellent way to help kids (or your friends that can’t call worth a darn) get involved in working ducks as opposed to sitting and watching an experienced caller do all the work.

Whistles start at $55 and rarely exceed $75, depending on material and finish selected. As with all of my calls, whistles are custom made to order, and we can work together to select the perfect piece of material and finish for your whistle. They are made from scratch, and do not contain any “kit” parts or commercially-made parts. Material selection varies, but I always have a good selection of beautiful and unique blanks for you to choose from.

CNC machined acrylic whistles are periodically available in black and sometimes other colors.  They’re $70 and are every bit as nice as my hand-turned ones but don’t involve the long wait to get one.  Email me to check availability.

The following pictures illustrate just a few of the materials that I frequently use, but are by no means the only materials I carry.  I normally have well over 150 unique blanks in stock, in numerous colors, as well as numerous species of wood.  These pictures are just a sampling!

Video:  Basic use and demonstration of the Wingert’s Woodworks duck whistle

Green/black stabilized box elder burl with an oil finish.  I keep several colors of box elder, and inventory varies at any given time


Gray acrylic with custom engraving.

Red box elder burl with custom engraving and an oil finish

Osage orange with an oil finish.  This material was cut from a decades-old fence post, resulting in a honey color.  Normally, osage orange calls will change from yellow to a beautiful honey color like these within a few years.

Blue mesh acrylic.  This is a difficult material to obtain and I keep it in limited quantities when I can get it.  These fetch a premium price.

Green and orange stabilized box elder burl with an oil finish

Top: customer-supplied yellow cedar burl w/ oil finish.  Middle: gold stabilized maple burl w/ oil finish.  Bottom: customer-supplied linen micarta with oil finish.

Two of these calls were featured in the October 2013 issue of Wildfowl Magazine.  Left to right: dyed stabilized maple burl with a CA finish, osage orange with an oil finish and logo engraving, tan canvas micarta with an oil finish and logo engraving, AZ desert ironwood with an oil finish and logo engraving

These colors of acrylic are usually in stock, but it does vary from time to time.  Golden oak pearl, black cherry pearl, orange pearl, black pearl, black/gold pearl, green pearl, blue, grey, orange, ivory, black, semi-opaque white, solid neon green.  Tan canvas micarta material is always in stock as well.  I avoid see-through colors for the most part.  Other colors can often be sourced, so if you don’t see your color please ask.

Stabilized buckeye burl with an oil finish.  Buckeye varies from black to grey to tan, but usually has a combination of all three in varying levels of each.

Neon green acrylic.  Be seen from space with one of these…

I occasionally have green osage orange on hand.  It is rare and expensive, so availability is extremely limited.

Ivory acrylic

Cocobolo with a CA finish.  Cocobolo looks and performs great with an oil finish as well.

Calls can be capped on the mouth end, usually for $20 extra.  Two different woods, two different acrylics, acrylic and wood, etc.

My customers often ask for me to match a call they already have, or a call that they have ordered.  My friend Ron Laun of RM Custom Calls in North Carolina and I teamed up to make this matched pair for our customer (if you haven’t tried Ron’s calls, I strongly suggest you do so at  Better duck calls are not available anywhere).  With a picture of an existing call I can often come up with a very similar or the same material, or will gladly collaborate with the maker of your duck or goose call to make complimenting calls.  As a rule, I will not alter the shape of my calls to match or mimic another maker’s.

Black and gold pearl acrylic with custom engraving inlaid with gold paint.  Numerous colors are available for inlay of engraved lettering or images.