My source for these is Bear Tooth Woods in CO.  I can get any color he offers, but will not turn transparent blanks.  If you don't see the color you want, ask!

Canvas phenolic laminate (micarta)

Stabilized black ash burl

Natural (non-stabilized) woods

Stabilized curly and birdseye maple

Various stabilized spalted woods

The following pictures illustrate EXAMPLES of different woods and materials I try to keep in stock.  These particular blanks in these pictures may be available or may be long gone, but serve as a good representation of the color, grain, figure and features of a specific material.  Inventory varies, and woods vary from blank to blank.  See specific notes on individual material's pictures for further info.   

Miscellaneous stabilized woods and burls

Stabilized buckeye burl

Stabilized box elder burl

Acrylic acetate blanks

Examples of what I have in the shop.

This page is best viewed on a computer, where you can click on the pictures for a description of the material.  It doesn't work as well on a mobile device.

Cast acrylic rod