Award winning call maker and carver Brad Samples of Blindsided Calls has worked his carving magic on a few of my calls.  They just beg to be held and closely examined.  I build the call and send it to Brad, then my customer works directly with him.  He charges approximately $150-$200 to do the carving on a call similar to the one pictured here.  Contact him via the Blindsided Calls Facebook page.


In the severe flooding along the Missouri river a few years ago my customer's friend's duck hunting shack was destroyed.  The small home held a lot of memories for both of them, so before it was fully demolished my customer snuck onto his friend's land and grabbed a piece of wood from what remained of the home, covered in mud and full of nails.  It turned out that the wood was CCA treated.  I had the wood professionally stabilized and turned a call for my customer to give to his friend as a surprise.  The duck shack is long gone, but a small piece of it lives on.



After the loss of a dog that is a hunting companion and member of the family, some hunters have had me build calls using their dogs' cremated remains.  The call is deeply laser engraved with the dog's name or a decorative ring around the call, and the ashes are inlaid in the void.  A number of fonts can be used.  The ashes are treated with the utmost respect and never wasted.  Every bit of ash that is not used in the call is returned to the customer.  The price for this service starts at $20 but varies depending on the amount of inlay being done.  Ash inlays can be done with oil finished or CA finished calls.  I hope it goes without saying, but just in case.....I will not do calls with cremated human remains under any circumstances.

A customer in Arkansas, who is a grandpa himself, sent me part of an osage orange fence post that his great grandfather put in the ground on his family's farm.  I was able to incorporate a tight knot into the call, adding character to a piece of wood with a long history.



My customer salvaged some material from his family farm's barn before it had to be taken down due to age.  The old-growth fir was too soft to build a call from, so I had it professionally stabilized.  The customer's family name and a line drawing of the barn were laser engraved subtly on the calls.



My customer sent in the stock from the Mossberg shotgun that his grandpa gave him, which had broken.  Note that the recoil pad screw's threads' impression remained in the finished whistle and was filled with epoxy....Leaving a vestige of what the wood once was.

I often build calls from wood or other materials that my customers supply.  It might be a unique piece of wood they have, a piece from a special tree or something that holds a special memory or place in their heart.  The following are just a few examples...

(Well, they're all special.  These are just a little more so.)


I can work with another call maker to get your whistle to match your duck or goose call.  Certain call makers and I can even share material so both calls are made from the same piece of wood.  I made these calls to match calls made by my friend Ronald Laun of RM Custom Calls in North Carolina.  If you're looking for a world class duck call, look no further than Ronald.

A great way to commemorate a special day for your friends, and they're sure to liven up your rehearsal dinner more than one of those cheesy money clips or an engraved flask.  Just don't blame me when your bride gets mad because your buddies blow them during the rehearsal dinner.


This set of calls was made from some spalted maple with special meaning to a friend whose dad planted the tree.  Earnie Ross of Earnie Ross Custom Calls built the goose call and Kent Eason of Eason Cajun Calls built the duck call.  Both are talented, world class call makers and can be reached via their Facebook pages.